Government IOU’s

So, my husband tells me that he is going to go to work and get paid in IOU’s. What!?! did you say???  IOU’s, hey will the mortgage company take IOU’s? Needless to say, I was freaking out and as you can tell, still a little stuck on the concept.  I relay this to my sister, who informs me–“ya, it is all over the news”, to which I reply–“guess I should start watching TV again.”

My sister’s non-chalant expression, is a good indicator of what others might be feeling as well.  It is sort of, “ya, it is happening, what are you going to do about?” Obviously, it isn’t just my family that is affected but several hundred, if not more, I imagine.  As stated, I don’t follow the news by TV or other means.

I became frustrated many years back when all the news (my husband liked to watch news from about 8 p.m. to bedtime, his way of de-stressing)  was leaving my anxious, frustrated, angry, and yes, stressed. This was especially true during election times.  I disagreed with so much and felt as if I could do nothing, and being informed was only making me crazy.  Yet, whether I am informed or not, changes are taking place.  I guess, I am pleased that I didn’t hear about the IOU’s before my husband told me, otherwise I would have been looney with worry and fright. Trying to deal with what hadn’t even taken place yet and still had a chance of not happening.

After, my husband told me the news, I must admit that I allowed fear to take hold of me. I began to get anxious, wondering how we are going to pay bills, buy food, and meet our basic needs. However, after I got a grip on myself and gave my worries to God, I remembered that He will not let us go without. He will provide for us. He has plans for us that we can’t comprehend. I’ve heard it said that God has His reasons for allowing things to happen even when it comes to politics and leaders.

God has been there for us and we have constantly pushed Him aside. We need to be in control of our lives and we will not allow Him the opportunity to take over.  Now, as a parent, I can see how we, “children” are as obstinate as our children are/can be to us. I know the frustration I have felt as my teenagers made choices I knew were not good and knew how they would affect their life but I had no control over what they would eventually do. It was hard on me to have to see them deal with the outcome of their choices but what could I have done? Did I truly provide them with the information, did I try to stop them, did I talk to them, was I aware of what they were preparing to do? When given a chance did I try to reason with them? Yes.  Many of you know what happens when a teenager is finds the opportunity to “prove a parent wrong”. Unfortunately we are the same, only thing is that the stakes are higher.

Holy Father, forgive us for allowing fear to overtake us. Forgive us for not allowing you control of our lives, help us to become obedient children and follow your word.

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