Government Shut Down–A good thing!!–abc-news-topstories.html?vp=1

I am sure many of you have seen this story and similar ones.  I think this government shut down is actual only getting minimal coverage. So much more is really going on and much of it will not be easy for the public to find.

Thanks to a friend and her Facebook page  and others like her, we will also get stories like this one:

Tell you where my thought are on this government shut down. I have shared that I am frustrated, angry, anxious, and all around upset with the extreme idiotic governmental decisions, however, after allowing myself to cool down and look at things in a different perspective, I have changed my thoughts.  This is where I now stand…once I allowed God to take more control over me and not allow ugly anger that is evil into my thoughts… I could have a clearer perspective.  Get to the point….the point being, yes this is miserable, terrible, and many, many, people are suffering in this “great country of ours”  but when we consider the other options,  at this point in time, it is the best outcome.  What am I saying? Have I lost my mind?!!  NO! Look at it this way.  I just heard a women say that between her and her husband  (who is military & furloughed) they have a combine income about $70,000 annual and once they sign-up for Obama care they will be having to pay $1,100 per month for insurance.  I don’t know about you but that sounds expensive.  Let’s consider the fact that that is before taxes, at the rate of 30% guesstimate tax deduction. What does that leave them?  $2900 roughly to live on. What if they had been used to only paying $400 per month, that is an increase of $700.  Somehow that doesn’t sound right?!

So the government shut down maybe a good thing in a strange way…however for this to be beneficial to everyone and serve the purpose it was “meant” to serve. Many will have to suffer, by many I mean the low/middle/ and almost poor classes, in order to be able to truly provide what is necessary.  This is not something unfamiliar to these classes, for throughout history, they have been the ones to give and give of themselves unselfishly for the good of mankind.

In these times we must flourish in our faith, for it is through our faith that we will be able to give of ourselves unselfishly as Jesus did. He came only to give and to Love. He left us with that example that we might Love our neighbor as ourselves, even when “They know not what they do”  we must remain ever faithful to Him.

Lord, Our Father, give us your strength to be patient, loving, and understanding. That we may remember to trust in You for all things… You will provide, as long as we have a blind Trust in You.



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