Today , I meet a wonderfully Catholic women. She has been running a Religious items and Flower shop. She has so much knowledge of the Saints, the Relics in her store, and stories to go with them. She has been in this business for 40+ years and now she must close shop.  No one is available to take her position.  That is so sad.

It reminded me of what I recently heard someone else say, “In our days, grandma’s used to take the time to guide their grandchildren in the faith, but now grandma’s are at the casinos or somewhere else.” Not that this “grandma” is headed to the casinos but that it goes both ways. What I mean to say is that if this lady had children and they were not interested in taking over the shop because at this point in time, they have no interest in running a Catholic or religious store even though they possess the immense knowledge this lady has passed on to them; then we have  an impasse. If children are not eager to learn, listen, nor have the love for the faith & if grandma’s don’t want to take the time to teach, share, & reveal the beauty of the faith….what will happen to our faith?  How long before we lose all our “connections” with those who have the richness of our faith stored in their memories.

Our lives have changed drastically since our grandmothers were children. What is currently acceptable to us, would never even have been a consideration to our grandmothers.  Our faith is not the only part of us that is slowly dying. Take a look around at what is happening to our Vets. or Holocaust survivors. Our history is being erased right before our eyes and we are to blind to see it. Or rather, see the reality which is being given to us. We know how hard our grandfathers worked, what feats they accomplished.  Look at buildings, churches built in the late 1800’s or early 1900’s and be awestruck by what could be accomplished with so little technology and then be dumbfounded by how quickly a demo-team can take it all down.  Just an example of what we have to look forward in the name of modernization.

Father, guide us in staying strong in our faith. Bring to us those who have adored you for so long that they may teach us. Open our hearts to be willing to embrace adoration. Learn the path of our faith. In Your name we pray.

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