Older Godly Women

Where should I start?  So many thoughts are on my mind.  Thoughts, I feel need to be shared.  Maybe some of you have had the same thoughts or maybe I am way off the beaten path (trust me, it wouldn’t be the first time).  Just sharing.

One of the the thoughts that has not left me is–Older Godly women; women who have grown in the faith through experience & through life; mothers, grandmothers, aunts, or religious. Women in their sixties or more. Those women that grow up before they watered down our faith. Those beautiful women who are a great resource to us–women struggling to find how our faith is supposed to guide us and lead us during these frustrating times.

Losing my mother at age 7, and never allowing anyone to fill her spot in my heart or my life–worse not even knowing that I was doing that, has left me without a role model. Once my mother passed away, many of her siblings, friends, or relatives didn’t stay close to us (story there) but even if they had I am not sure I would have let them in anyway.  Now, middle aged, I realize what a wealth of information they might have been. Anyone out there that still has a mom, grandmother, great-grandmother, or aunts, please realize how blessed you are.  You have at your fingertips a wealth of knowledge that some of us would appreciate.

What kind of knowledge am I referring to:

In a previous article, I made reference to the possibility of the world having no more babies and this was validated by an older women (late 80’s) in which she said “Ya, that is in the bible.” I never knew that.  Also, What is marriage for? How do we make it through all the ups and downs yet stay away from divorce? Why is divorce frowned upon by the church?  How do we raise children who are strong enough to survive the brutality of this society and still remain happy?  The list can go on and on.

Why, are these great older women on my mind? It has been made clear to me that even though some of these women “fought back” with feminism; they were given by their mother’s and our church some great life lessons. Society is constantly changing, we are struggling to find our way,  we want to have our freedom–live without rules–live life on the edge but the reality is even when we get our way and we are not totally  truly happy.  God has given us “life rules” and they are there for a reason.  However, unless you know the reasons and can totally comprehend them they make very little sense. As women, we must have a greater understanding what God’s rules are  because we must strengthen the next generation. Without Our Blessed Mother,  the church may not have existed, at least not the way we know it. We, women, have been given the greatest ground floor opportunity without a glass ceiling but a celestial ceiling. One with the greatest boss, who is patient, kind, caring, understanding, extremely generous and who will provide us with ultimate retirement package.  How can we refuse?

Lord, please bless each and every women out there from the youngest to the oldest.  May they find You and take on this great Opportunity   to live a faith filled life governed by Your rules.

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