Growing Up In 2014

I found this on a friend’s Facebook post. And it seemed like a coincidence, since I had just been reading The Spiritual Direction of Saint Claude de la Colombriere.

Several people had commented on the fact that it seems that it is always the mother and/or girl who seems to be blamed for the situation.  Whether we like it or not, mothers  are usually responsible (85% of the time) for raising our children.  Face it this is the reality. I know in my own parenting that I have done this…not even thinking of what I was doing to my child…I just thought I was doing what was normal…and I was; but normal doesn’t necessarily mean right.

I have grown up and now I am more aware of the mistakes I made, and why I made those mistakes, and I am trying to be aware not to let my mistakes endanger my children’s’ souls.  Sometimes, we do things very innocently…thinking ahh, oohh, how cute and wouldn’t she looked great in this? But the truth is we know, we know where some  peoples minds will go, and even though it shouldn’t and it’s not your problem what people think…it does become your problem.


Growing up

Growing up 2014

1674-1676 St. Claude de la Colombriere

(from The Spiritual Direction of Saint Claude de la Colombriere)

In a sermon “On the Education of Children” stated:

“Does it not strike you as surprising fact that Catholic parents so often urge their children to do what is asked of them from merely human motives and that everything about their homes tends to nourish ambition and luxury?….There are mothers who take great care of their daughters’ health but little of their conscience. Far from forbidding them foolish and even bad book, indecent dresses, undesirable friends, indecent pictures, plays and dances, they allow them these things and even sometimes force them on their children.  Do not such parents know that spiritual fornication is a crime among Christians; that a look may kill a soul and that a desire or thought is enough to rob children of innocence and grace?……It is surprising how many parents, knowing from their own experience what the world is, and how vain, false, and dangerous  the pleasures of this life are,  are foolish enough to let their children frequent these pleasures because they themselves are no longer of age to enjoy them.”



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