Happy Epiphany


Happy Epiphany everyone.

I enjoyed an article in Catholic Online, “Fr. Paul Schenck on the Feast of the Epiphany“,  It brings to mind the differences in the personality  of kings who were present in Jesus’ young life. In the time of the greatest King ever; these kings have two different types of beings…one, who is obsessed with retaining his life style and possessions while three whom are willing to suffer through  long journeys, face dangers, give up comfort, without an idea of what they will truly find.  Were the Three Kings showing us what we should do in our walk with Jesus?  The intricacies of God’s plan always amaze me.

May the feast of Epiphany bring you on a closer walk with Jesus. May we remember the faith of the Three Kings and their sacrifices to see the Great King.  Our journey for the new year has begun, let us evaluate our path.


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