Happy New Year? Yet?

Happy New Year? Yet?

Day 2, how are those resolutions going?  Have you even written them down yet? How about that diet, did you make it through day 1?

Let me tell you a little secret…I have found an easy way to keep my New Year’s resolutions and not break them before the end of the year.

I am sure you heard this before–don’t make them = don’t break them.

But, better yet, my resolutions have become more attainable. Not that they are easy or that they don’t push me into being a better person but as I have “matured” I have realized that making a resolution is not just to push myself into doing something I know I can’t accomplish but rather to push  myself to be accomplished.

Change is always good and one must change everyday in order to become the best they can be.  If one becomes satisfied with oneself, we no longer see a need to become better. Although God doesn’t make junk, HE did makes us with unimaginable possibilities, with amazing gifts that will continue to increase as long as we give of ourselves and allow HIM to mold us like the clay we are.  Our total being is to be whom God has made us to be and when we accomplish it, then we are allowed into our heaven. May God mold you into the person HE has meant for you to be and may you melt into HIS hands and allow HIM total control of the amazing beauty that is you.

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