Happy New Year

Happy New Year one and all.

May your New Year be filled with love, joy, prosperity, and good health.  May God guide you through amazing adventures, leading you to grow in your faith, spirituality, grace, and trust. May you look at each stumbling block as a tool to chip away at all the old habits; helping you establish better ways to grow.  Remembering, always, that storms are good for our souls. Even the pains are better when we remember the reasons. May God bless you in every step you take.

God, watch over all the people. We all need you and we are so afraid of what is around us and even ourselves. We are not confident in our lives for we simply wish to please YOU.  Our world is heading in directions unknown to us. Evil is like a chameleon, always changing, keeping us guessing, making us wonder and give chase to our thoughts. Quiet our minds, that YOUR voice resonate within us.

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