Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

The one special day of the year set aside to help us to remember to be grateful!!

As I sat thinking about this day, my thoughts went back to the pilgrims…who are credited with bringing us this beautiful day. Thoughts of why they got together with their “enemies” in a peaceful celebration came to mind.  The year(s) had been hard, coming to a new place, learning how to survive, watching many of their loved ones dying, on the verge of starvation, and the many struggles they faced each day. Yet, the Natives of the land, whom I can only presume must have felt violated, used, and mostly frightened by the newcomers; still took the time to care, instruct, and welcome their new neighbors.  In a unparalleled welcoming way, “these heathens” took “in” their new, scary neighbors and did what God ask us all to do “Love your neighbors” and “what you do to the lest of these, you do unto me”.

  Well, my year may not have been peppered with struggling for survival as those first pilgrims, however I have had my own struggles, struggles that many of us face each day and now is a great time to review my journey… Did I move forward in becoming a better me, growing in the ways God has asked me or was it a stalemate?

As prepared to celebrate this Thanksgiving, it occurred to me, this is the official start of the Holiday season. Today begins the manic race to “celebrate” Christmas and in the race we will be torn down, lifted up, and torn down again over & over trying to save the real reason for Christmas and the commercialized one.  

So, today I will make one major change and I invite you to join me, this day as we celebrate Thanksgiving with loved ones, family, friends, let us prepare THE place of honor for God, for Jesus.  Let us begin the season with the real reason for the season, Jesus!!! Our Salvation, Our Love!!!  When we strive, each day, to give Jesus His place of honor in our home, we will not get overtaken by the commercialization of the season.

Lord, as we struggle each day to give you the honor you deserve, help us to know that You are with us as we face each obstacle, each temptation. Remind us, You wish us to be joyful during this season, to be giving, welcoming. Open our eyes to see the needs and wants of our neighbors and our loved ones. May we remember, you are no Scrouge and neither do You wish us to be. 

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