Hearts missing pieces

Quick post, I am running out energy (battery & me).

Holidays are wonderful. Time with family & friends, shopping, laughing, & socializing…. but for far to many  it is a time of sadness… emptiness.

The majority of people have lost someone they loved and this time of year just makes you miss them more. Loving someone, that is no long with us but in heaven (God willing)  is painful.

As you know, I have about an equal amount of loved ones here, as I do in heaven. I, believe, I would feel equally at home in either place, so my heart is torn with wanting to be happy here and missing them there.

I am grateful for my life, but I wish (sometimes) that I could cuddle up close to my mother, my father, my baby girl, and my baby boy surrounded by upteen aunts, uncles, cousins, and  all the grandparents. What an amazing Christmas that would be.

Let us pray for all those whose hearts are missing pieces. Lord, we love the life you have given us, and are grateful the beautiful lives you brought into our lives.  We miss many of those souls which are with you now. Our selfish nature wants them here with us but we know they are far better off with you.  The pain doesn’t stop even though we know how well You care for them.  Help us Lord, during this most special time to find the peace within our souls. Give all of our loved ones, great big hugs from us and let us feel their presence among us, that we may know their lives continue. In God we trust.

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