Imitation: Book 1– Day 29

Vanity of vanities, and all is vanity, unless you serve God and love Him with your whole heart. ( Eccles. 1:2) . The greatest wisdom of all is to seek the kingdom of heaven by despising the things of this world.

Imitation: Book 1, Chapter 1

Creature comforts, that is what we work for, right?  Putting a roof over our heads, having personal transportation that we can just get in and drive wherever, whenever, having food (lotsa of it) anytime, not to mention all of our modern day advancement and technology.

It would not be easy to give up those things. Yet I think of the many Saints who were born into wealthy families and gave up everything (including thrones) to follow Jesus. If they willing did that, then there must be more to life than this mere baubles.

I have to try to imagine what I would give up my “creature comforts” for; granted we are not wealthy and still the little comforts we have would be hard to give up. I guess, if I were to really think about it…I would give up everything I have for my children, my husband, and Yes God.  As it has become clear to me recently, what good do all these possessions do, if when I die (& it is bound to happen) I will not be able to take or see any of it.

I have been trying to do some major house cleaning, and I have been getting rid of a lot of things and have gotten to the point that I willing to give up my children’s precious toddler drawings, pictures, mother’s day cards etc… just to make space in our home. Our home is small for the size our family and sometimes I just get to the point I am ready to give it all up so that we can fit better. So, I guess giving it all up for God isn’t as hard as I thought.

Lord, remind us that our earthly possessions are only temporary and they are easy to part with but our souls will remain with us forever. Remind us Lord, that first and foremost we are to strive to come home to YOU and that anything else is unnecessary. We thank you Lord, for all our many possessions and for thinking about our comforts.

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