Jimmy Choo’s or Babies

I have been finding a way to broach the subject but nothing ever seems to be just right, which for me really means non-confrontational. However, I guess I must learn to be confrontational.  NOT my strong suit.

I can either be meek and mild or I can be totally blunt, causing people to step far away from me.  I am not one that can hand  out insults and still smell as sweet as a rose.  There are many more items on the not me list, that I seem to have to confront lately–S-T-R-E-T-C-H– say it with me people.

Ok, so the issue is –BABIES and lack of! My personal thoughts on many different aspects of women not wanting to have children.  One of the biggest issues about this that has been bothering me for a long time  is…what are babies being replaced with?  In our day and age, having a baby can be looked on a “status” symbol of sorts. I say that because we have some weird shows out there, one being “16 and pregnant.” It seems to take a situation which is not, let’s say ideal, and try to make it into something desirable for the “celebrity” status.  Ok, let me take down just  a notch.

Babies, in my eyes, are being replaced by designer dogs. Ya! designer dogs. How many celebrities (and close friends) do you know that treat their pets better than most babies?  Ok, maybe you don’t have that many “friends” with “dog babies”, how about closets full of haute couture (or rip offs), expensive shoes (really who needs to pay $1000-$3000+ for Jimmy Choos) personally I’d be too afraid to get them dirty, even the soles. Let’s leave the the clothing and dogs out of this and look around us, can you see other things that have taken the place of babies?

How about McMansions?  Expensive cars, which in my opinion could have paid for one or two kids college educations?  How about the convenience to take a vacation without worry about who to leave the kids with or better yet taking the kids? How about a “party life” , being able to drink whatever, whenever, or drug out on whatever candy is in style or have as many “partners” as you desire ?  Or maybe the possibilities  of taking on whatever career your heart desires without worrying about being home for the children? Or having a  four bedroom house, totally equipped with pool, spa, movie room, expensive toys and not having to share them with the children?

Does this sound like our society today?  Have you looked around lately, what has value in our lives?  How can we look at ourselves and not understand why things are going soo wrong?  How can we blame God for our priorities?  God has been ever generous with us, allowing us the abilities to make this choices.  He has told us NO in so many different ways.  HE has sent Our Mother to tell us NO in a more gentle way, yet we have refused to heed the warnings and NOW we are facing the consequences. But will we be strong enough to take the responsibility or will we find blame in the One who has tried to protect us and provide for us?

Lord, please guide us, we have made mistakes.  We did not listen to you, we were wrong.  Help us! Help us to find the way to change the consequences of our rebellion. We know it is not to late, we must ask for your forgiveness and YOU will surely forgive us. If we repent, You will put us on the right path. Protect our babies.

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