John the Baptist

John the Baptist…

A thought…in wonder….in amazement…in jealousy?….in desire…in connection.

Wondering, how dear John the Baptist lived his life in the shadow of Jesus before anyone knew He was the real Saviour? Was it hard trying to be a holy man knowing that your cousin was the holiest? Did he feel like a fake? Did he encourage Jesus, as Elizabeth did for Mary?

Amazing his desire to know the Son of God even more so the amazing way he knew the Him. John knew Jesus’ even before Mary had totally wrapped her head around what was going to happen…Amazing

Did John ever let the green-eyed monster of jealous enter his heart? Did he get tempted to bring Jesus down? Makes me wonder what their childhood was like. In play, did they quarrel as normal children do, compare, or be petty?

I can imagine the desire of John to become closer to Jesus, to want to shout out “This is the Messiah” Listen, listen with your heart. His desire to proclaim the greatness of his cousin.

The connection of John and Jesus is one to be envied.  While being envious, itself, is a sin; when we take the desire, or longing to have the same connection and work at it, the ugliness of that sin can be turned to beauty.  To be filled the warmth that comes with a true connection with Jesus…is wonderful and amazing.

Dear Jesus fill us with the warmth that John the Baptist felt for you throughout his life. Fill us with the conviction of who You are and all that You are…help us bring others to know you as he did.


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