Learning to Listen

Learning to listen and not be afraid are the hardest things for me to do.  God’s voice, I know is in mc, calling me, and His promises are never changing—yet I am still hesitant.  Why do I hesitate?  Why is fear still a part of me?

Personally, I believe fear is our great nemeses when we are battling for our faith. So many little things can creep up, making it hard to stay on the path.  For instance, knowing that we may or may not get paid for this pay period or for a whole year, can easily bring on a tremendous fear in me.  I have to constantly remind myself that God is good and He will take care of us.  Do I know this to be true? Yes. Have I seen it in action?  Yes.  Has He ever let me down?  NO. Do I sometimes think He has? Yes. But I am always wrong. Even when everything I plan turns to ash, I know that there was a reason.  So many times I look back at what I wanted to happen and what really happened, and I am always sure that, what God let happen was far greater than my immediate desires.

When we fear is gripping us, where do we turn?  We must find our strength. Whatever is your strong point, use that to stay on track.  Some people have a gift of encouragement. If that is you, use it more and more each day until the fear has subsided. Don’t focus on the negative of the situation, lift your worries to the Lord and allow yourself to be used with the gifts you have been given to bring you peace and joy in each situation.  Look at yourself through God’s eyes.  If you don’t know your gifts, ask God and He will tell you.  Believe in Him and He will always be there with you.

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