Let Us Be The Light

“For so the Lord hath commanded us: I have set thee to be the light of the Gentiles; that thou mayest be for salvation unto the utmost part of the earth.
Acts Of Apostles 13:47

Let us be the light!

As disciples of God, Barnabas and Simon set out with the Holy Spirit, so should we.

I had this vision, as these words came to my mind, a parade of flickering lights throughout the world.  Lights shining in every dimension of human life. Small, great, flickering, and fading lights–within us.  I forget many a time, that I am to be the light of Christ, here, wherever I am. Do I find myself worthy of being the Light of Christ—absolutely NOT. I am but a sinner, a grievous sinner, unworthy to carry God’s word.  Yet, HE finds me worthy and has asked that I carry HIS word.

HE asks us all, HE finds us Worthy of carrying HIS word. No matter who we are or what we do. Do NOT forget how worthy you are in God’s eyes.  We are to take His word, with a gentle wand touch the candle wick of our fellow man, especially our family, let the fire take hold and help it to grow.

Jesus therefore said to them: Yet a little while, the light is among you. Walk whilst you have the light, that the darkness overtake you not. And he that walketh in darkness, knoweth not whither he goeth.  

The bible has over 241 verses in which the word light is used. The bible is not random, each word, phrase, story, has purpose; His purpose.  It is my constant struggle, to read, and to apply the words that He has given. He knows my struggle, as well as He knows my sins. Yet, each day is a new day to start again, no matter what our past has brought us.

January 1st is not the only day to begin again. We can begin again each day–start anew and strive to be worthy of the beauty God sees in us amidst the chaos that is human life .

 Whilst you have the light, believe in the light, that you may be the children of light. These things Jesus spoke; and he went away, and hid himself from them. 

St. John  12:35-36

Darkness is a constant in my life. I fight each day to keep the light from going out. There are days when I can feel my light shinning, and others when I fear, it will go out, no flicker left. Don’t forget this life is full of temptation, temptation that can, if given a chance, take the light.

I am come a light into the world; that whosoever believeth in me, may not remain in darkness.

St. John 12:46    www.drbo.org

Lord, my God, keep us strong against the temptations that threaten to take Your light from us. May our eyes see the darkness for what it is and may the light shine bright through any and all darkness that threatens us. In the glorious name of Jesus, I pray.



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