Neglect?  I feel as if I have been neglecting my blog….but … then I realize that this blog is made of time given to me only by God and the time He gives me ought to be enough.

He, the HOLY SPIRIT, needs to be in charge and I struggle daily, hourly, by minutes to allow HIM the grace to call to me, and I to listen. I hope I don’t lose you in the process of opening my heart and ears…and  mostly I hope we can open our hearts and ears together.

I know following Jesus must have been a lonely road for many sometimes, especially shortly after His crucification.  Standing up tall, calling attention to yourself, could have been a deadly deal then and let’s face still can be now….just look around the world and you will find many losing their lives because they are choosing to follow Jesus and are willing to risk life and limb.

Yet, I hear the small voice of my child saying to me…”Momma you have to listen to God and listen to Jesus, right Momma”  then I know that even the smallest among us can hear if we open our souls and without question just “Listen to God”  “Listen to Jesus”.

2 Responses to “Listen”

  1. Ana

    I also struggle to listen. My life is often so full of activities, to do lists & chores that i forget to let God lead. I have a personal hurdle in letting grand letting God. Even though when I do amazing results come of it-my human self strives to control & lead. How brave Mary was to allow God to not only work through her but in her as well! I am amazed by her obedience & strive daily to let God’s will be done in my life as well.

    • Alicia

      I agree, Mary was extremely brave and an amazing role model. I strive to remember that she was just human and was willing to listen and suffer for us. May we grow in Her faith.


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