Live with joy

It is hard to remember that our life is meant to be lived with joy. Joy in all that our life is, be it tumultuous or triumphant.

God set us on earth that we might find joy in His world, that we might be like Him. Love without boundaries.  In the midst of our daily lives, we so easily loose sight in the true importance of who we were meant to be.

For me, I find it easy to loose sight of the beauty that are my children and my husband.  Stress overwhelms me and sets me on a path of self-destruction and like a tornado, I start to take down everyone or thing in my path.  Stress, I believe, is satan’s number one tool to get us closer to him and farther from the true love of our lives. We are in a constant battle and we must be like soldiers. Solidified against our enemy and not ourselves. So many times we try to bring down those around us, when we start to fall and stress is a  well worn tripping hazard.

Lord, we seek You and  ask for Your assistance in catching ourselves as we begin to trip on our stressors. May we, in our stress & pain, remember to call on You for help. You will not let us fall and are always ready to catch us. May we see where are path is leading us, be not afraid to run to You.


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