Lone Walk

A walk in faith can be a very lonely one and why should that be.  Aren’t we all here to serve God and His purpose?

What leads people to be discouraging when others are filled with the Holy Spirit, is it as simple as the green-eye monster or is it deeper rooted in actually being the devil’s advocate?  I am pretty sure that many Saints had to face the similar dilemmas, I am not saying that I am a Saint, far from it.  Let’s face it though, those who have  had the courage to take that walk must do it alone for it is only one’s soul that is at stake. The Saints helped many see the light,  but they could not force them to see what they saw.  For many, I am sure it took years or even decades to fully surrender all their will and face the possibility of being alone, losing their families, friends, homes, all they held precious, or even possibly falling on their faces.

Our walk in faith is a very lonely one and it should be that way, for God will talk to each of us alone. We are His children, and unlike myself, He has time to spend with each of us individually. The words and works He uses are meant only for us, each individually and so personal. We are special to Him and He treats us as such, however we don’t know how to accept this personal treatment. Our lives, here on earth, are far from personal.

We each strive for ways to be an individual, in our clothing style, in hair styles, in the way we decorate our homes, the cars we drive, even the way we raise our children, however the reality is even though we may be unique in our community going further into the world we may be just like someone else…the same hair and clothing style, etc..  Yet, we like that too. When we find someone who shares common likes and dislikes it brings us closer and sometimes it  can develop into a great friendship.

As you can tell, I have all the answers..HILIARIOUS…I am sooo lost but I am eager to find my way. I am not sure if I am strong enough to even face half of the difficulties that the Saints faced, I am very weak, I like to be accepted and included but I may have to give it all up for God. He gave it all up for us, sounds reasonable….but…….


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