Lord, bless our days

May our Lord bless us all as we enter into each day.  Our days can be so overwhelming when we look at them as a whole.  It always seems we have a hundred things to do on our list and we will be lucky to complete 5.  Where do we hide the 95 that have gone uncompleted?  Worse yet, what happened to the time that we must have saved by not doing the 95?

Rush here, wait there, go here, stay there….clean this, cook that, wash this, fold that…YES we need to enter each day with a prayer.  A prayer that reminds us of the many blessings we have because we are so busy.  Would we be as blessed if we were all alone?  God created us to be like a family, how can we not want the love and embrace of our family?   Prayer, prayer, and more prayers is the one steadfast item that will not let us down.

Have you ever tried to pray before your feet even touch the ground?  There are times that I am together enough before my eyes open and I roll out of bed, that I begin my day with a small prayer….surrendering my day to God.  Those days, I am sure I feel more at ease…not in control but at ease.

Father, thank you for this day. Help me embrace each hinderance, each need & want, each duty on my lists with the Love  You have given me.  Take this day and show me the way to live my day according to Your will. Bless all those who I greet today. Amen


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