Lying and Your Job

Recently I celebrated my birthday. My family treated me to a wonderful day. It  started with going to mass (Latin–Yeah), then out to a great breakfast; where my husband decided to buy me a rocking chair and though I really wanted it, I didn’t want the floor model.  I wanted a brand new one (picky I know) so we asked the cashier if we could just order a new one off the internet and that is when it all started.

I hesitate to give details and I know this is a nuisance to some but in this case I don’t think the details matter, it is the realization that I want to share.The cashier proceed to tell us what she had been instructed to say be her manager, which was; She had been instructed to discourage potential buyers from ordering off the website by what could be considered a “caring lie”– she said “shipping would cost us about if not more than the item, if we had it shipped to the store we could save the money.”  Well this did not sit right, so we excused ourselves and decided not to make the purchase.  After getting home, curiosity hit me and I did go in and look on the internet, to find that shipping cost were very reasonable even if I had it shipped overnight.  Oh, at first, I was very upset that someone could lie so easily but then it hit me—-it was not her fault.  No, she needed that job and she had to do what she was instructed to do or she could risk her job.  I don’t blame her, instead it made me realize that there are many people like her that do that everyday. And they have to, not necessarily want to but they must conform in order to assure their employment.

God had already instructed me to open a place for people to go to and openly discuss their inner fight, knowing they are doing something against their own moral values but my mind did not understand how many jobs or professions there are where you are required to lie.  Let’s face it, when I put the Catholic Forum together I was not thinking of what was going to be taking place there I just knew I had to listen to God and set it up according to His plans and now He has revealed to me more details, even though He didn’t need to—What An Awesome God We have.

I am not sure what other struggles people face each day in their place of employment but I know that God does and I know how much He cares about us. He wants to help us live good and Godly lives here. He doesn’t want us to carry around burdens that will weigh us down. That is why He gave us the gift of penance. Yet many people don’t know, have forgotten, are to embarrassed, don’t understand that this is here for us. But anyone can share here, let your conscience be your guide and ask for guidance because others are facing the the same things you are.  May God grant you the peace to begin each day anew and to allow God to heal you from anything your are carrying,  May you allow Him the priviledge of assisting you in your daily life. Wake up each day knowing He will be there for you.


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