Mary’s Journey 16 weeks

“Now the generation of Christ was in this wise. When as his mother Mary was espoused to Joseph, before they came together, she was found with child, of the Holy Ghost.”

Matthew 1:18

Our Blessed Mother is now about 16 weeks pregnant and having to face the facts. I can only imagine that during the first trimester she may have allowed herself to daydream about the most blessed child she was carrying, how it would be to hold a piece of God in her arms, how beautiful this baby would be, what an wonderful feeling it would be to just look into his eyes—ohhh and just hold Him! But, as with all things we must face reality and we all know that even great things come with responsibilities. Now that she was 16 weeks, her uterus would be beginning to push her bellybutton out, baby Jesus would be able to hiccup and swim in her belly. He would be about 4-5in long and pretty much fully formed. Our Blessed Mother would not yet be able to feel all His kicks or punches even though He is quite capable.

You look at your partner, as you share your wonderful news (you hope, he thinks it is wonderful too) but are afraid of his reaction.  His reaction can/will affect you and how you feel about your pregnancy.  How immensely devastating it is when he looks at you and denies his child and how that crushes you & your self-esteem? How quickly can amazing news turn to devastation?

This seemingly small step can change so many things in your life and your child’s life.

So many women face this scenario, even Our Blessed Mother had to live through it. How did she make it through with her faith unscathed and end up with instead  an unparalleled faith that would move mountains.

Blessed Mother let us not be afraid of the journey Our Father has set for us even when we feel ashamed of the “mistakes” that got us where we are. May each women who finds her self in “Your Shoes” remember your journey; know that you will not leave them, You will be by there side through it all.  May each women begin to say  a Rosary each day for your strength.   Holy Mother help save all these precious babies. Glory be to God.

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