Mary’s Journey–28 Weeks

It has been 8 weeks since my last “walk” with Mary and I am truly sad. My main reason for setting this “walk with Mary” was that I may have a better appreciation and amazement at what Our Lady had to endure to bring us Our Savior–that I may make this Christmas about her journey, Joseph, and of course Our Baby Jesus. Not about all the commercial stuff that for the last few years has sapped my desire to “celebrate”.   I want to Give as Our Lady did, as Joseph did, and live to sacrifice my life for others, as Jesus did.

So now that I read it, it kind of sounds selfish…well maybe but is there ever a good selfish?  Yes, I wanted…I wanted…to cherish the Love, Life, and Journey of the most blessed family…in order to Bless my family and hopefully others that might be feeling like me (I hope I am not the only one that feels this way).

Society has gotten away from celebrating  Christmas. We are supposed to be politically correct, well in my opinion, that is not good enough for the man who came to save us, who suffered and died for us, nor for the women who gave everything to bring His life to us, nor for the man that could have walked away but willing took on a life of hardships and sacrifice for the Messiah.

Maybe, a bit dramatical, no realistic.  I just want to get back to the common core–Jesus.

Mary is now 28 weeks pregnant, time is getting closer. What might be going through her mind?  What kind of life is she living?  She is going to give birth to a King, yet is she living in a castle or living the high life?  I imagine, as most newlyweds, they are just making ends meet, at best.  Learning to stretch a dollar in twenty ways. Probably living with the in-laws (fun huh). Do you think she was given special priviledge in her  family group?  I can imagine if anything, she was made fun of and expected to be better than anyone else, to complain less, endure more, be more polite, more docile, she would be expected to be worthy of being the mother of the Messiah.

Jesus, is growing each day a little more. His body has reached the point where He is starting to fill out, getting just a bit of that baby fat.  He can hear most things going on outside the belly.  He is developing REM sleep, which means He can be dreaming!  He is just coming along and preparing for His life here.

Blessed Mother please help us to  remember and live each day of your pregnancy with awe and understanding, that through all this you were simply, first & foremost, a women who was pregnant.  A newlywed women, already with child, learning to care for your husband and preparing for the arrival of a very important baby. You were merely human, yet you knew who to listen to God and wanted so much to please Him.  Pray that we too, might learn to live as you did and that we experience that same Love for God. Amen

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