Mary’s Journey- 2o weeks

Week 20 for Our Baby Jesus.

Our blessed savior is now in his 20th week, 5 months old and continuing to progress. He is about 10 ounces and about as long as a banana. He is already making faces, sucking on His thumb, yawning and stretching.

There is no mistaking, Mary is pregnant at this stage. Her body is showing all the signs. Joseph has come to accept that he will be a father to the Messiah and is probably a mix of worry and joy.  Mary, has probably felt the first signs of “quickening”, Jesus moving around.  Could you imagine the conversations she is having with her belly?  Her worry to be sure she is eating the most nutritious meals, she has a huge responsibility to make sure the baby is born healthy.

Mary and Joseph are now learning to live together and prepare for the blessed event. I can imagine, Our Blessed Mother, was extremely fussy about her babies surroundings, making sure everything was just so, so. Her nesting instincts starting to take form.  Yet, possibly what was really important was spending quality time speaking with God. I am sure she must have had some overwhelming feelings, hoping that she was not losing her mind and that Joseph was truly ok with the situation and wonder what would happen after the birth.  Four more months is all she had left.

Our Blessed Mother, please  assure all those women who have found themselves with a husband/boyfriend whom they are not sure is truly accepting of the child they are carrying, that no matter what God will be there for them and the angel they are carrying. Help them to know that abortion is not the answer. If they are not able to provide a home for them, you will provide them with a loving family at their request.  Love on all the women out there, right now , Blessed Mother that they may feel peace.


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