Mary’s Journey — almost time

Christmas is almost here, and I don’t feel ready yet.   I wonder if Mary felt the same way?

I wanted, so badly, to be able to relate to Our Blessed Mother throughout the year, especially the past nine months. Wanting to feel her joy, happiness, worry, anxiety, most especially her peace as she went through the nine months of pregnancy, giving life to Our Saviour. As mothers know, pregnancy is an amazing time in a women’s life, there are so many ups and downs but in the end all of it is totally worth it.

Hoping that Christmas would be a little more meaningful to me than it had the past three years, I yearned to connect with Our Blessed Mother. In all honesty, the year wasn’t a total failure. I did connect but not to the point I had expected. The dreams I had are not the same is what has really occurred .

Hmmm, now that I think of it…isn’t that exactly what motherhood is?  We carry the most beautiful, wonderfully perfect human being in us and all the while we have amazing dreams about how wonderful our children are going to be, mind you we are not wrong, but most dreams of our children are unrealistic.  We think we are going to have the one child that listen, understands, cleans his room when told, having no problems, a child that will automatically respect and obey us. There will be no fighting because I will be a better parent than my parents, I will understand my child…and all is well for the first year (if you are lucky). Then without consulting you, this beautiful, amazing child, begins to walk away from you, wanting their own independence …yeah terrible twos that’s what it’s all about.

Not so much different than us. Aren’t we the same with our Godly Father? Always looking for that independence? But isn’t easier, better, more comforting when our parents take care of us? Who at this point wouldn’t want to go back home and not have to worry about the mortgage, car payment, kids homework, all the obligations and just be able to have mom and dad take over again?

I wonder if we could totally allow God, Our Father, to completely  guide our lives in all aspects, how different our lives would be?

Father is it possible in this earthly life to give you complete obedience and trust in our daily lives? Will we constantly rebel wanting our independence? Can we allow you complete control, allow you to nurture and provide for us?

God, You accept us in all our flaws and understand our need for power and independence. You so patiently wait for us to come home to You. Help us to be the parent You are to us.

Blessed Mother, we seek your guidance in becoming the children Our Father would have us to be. Help us to be meek and mild. Show us how to totally depend and trust Our Father. You, our most amazing women, show us the way to win Our Father’s heart. Blessed by your name.

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