Mary’s Journey–Three Months

“For behold henceforth all generations shall call me blessed;”  Luke 1:47

Mary now is about 12 week pregnant.  She is now on her way home or already back home.

I wonder if or how nervous Mary was on her way back home. She was going to have to face her parents and Joseph, the time for truth was at hand.  What will they think?  Are they going to believe? I am sure she must have struggled to totally comprehend the magnitude of what was going on in her life right now.  I am sure her faith was as great or greater than a mustard seed, however still it is a great change in a young girl’s life (even a married women’s  life ). To  top it all off she was going to have to come out and tell them that she was carrying “The Messiah” (yeah they were going to think she was bonkers).

Blessed Mother, thank you for having the courage to face all your adversities with humility and an adoring heart for Our God.

Now that she is 12 weeks pregnant, she is for sure showing a small bump. Baby Jesus has already developed vocal chords, which He could use to cry silently in the womb. He would now feel any pain inflicted upon Him, His little face has already begun to form into that sweet angelic innocent beauty.  His eyelids are now closed to protect the formation of the eyes, and His little hands and feet now have fingernails and His hair is starting to form.  Wow! He is by all rights a true human being.

We must always remember that each individual that has been given to us  is a pure and true miracle. Within twelve short weeks, a small minute cell has divided and formed into an innocent child, who will one day  be born–breath life and God willing one day give life.

Sweet Heavenly Father who gave us your first and only Son, so that we may have life everlasting, help each one of these souls that you have granted life on this earth to remember that they too were all once a sweet innocent life which you blessed and loved from the day they were a mere cell and before. May their minds be opened and their hearts be warmed to love and fight for each life.



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