Mary’s Journey–Week 30

Week 30 of pregnancy, at this point you can’t hardly wait to have your baby.

First time mother’s who began their journey afraid of the birthing experience, “NO Way Am I Giving Birth” have now begin to turn into “I Want This Baby Out of ME”. Your body is uncomfortable, it’s hard to sleep, bend down, see your shoes, and baby is starting to develop a sleep schedule that most likely is opposite yours. You are tired and sometimes anxious, many times your just ready to meet your baby.

Our Blessed Mother experienced all the good and bad of pregnancy, and she did it all with grace. She probably never complained, never let it be known that she was uncomfortable or in pain. She was privileged to be given the opportunity to carry Our Lord, it was a glorious gift. I could just see her, doing the same work as the other women while at the same time, keeping our Saviour safe and healthy. How different her life must have been compared to most new moms of today. She didn’t have half the luxuries we do nor the stress that comes with today’s “freedoms”.

Thirty weeks into her pregnancy, our young mother is quickly understanding that her life has changed completely.  She feels her son moving in her womb, and already she has given Him her heart in more ways than one. She is still preparing herself for what is to come, no matter how hard she tries, she will never be ready  for all the emotions,  pain, worry, joy, happiness, and love that will come with baby.

Her unending love for her Son is what we all feel when we feel our child in our womb, especially when you are so close to meeting the wondrous child you have come to know. Already, you have a relationship which will only continue to grow.

Blessed Mother  be with all women who are carrying a child and those who have dreams of being with child. Grant them your peace and Love. Bring them to your Son and ask guidance in their lives. Amen

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