Mary’s Journey

I was almost forgetting to take a moment, whenever possible, and reflect on Our Lady as she struggles with her new medical condition –Pregnancy.

She is just over a month along now, and probably still with Elizabeth.  Jesus, in her womb, is about 4-5 weeks old. He is about 1/2 inch long, his central nervous system, heart, ears, eyes, legs, and arms have already begun to develop. Mary’s stomach is not showing much growth and she could continue to conceal her pregnancy, if she so wanted to.

My desire for this year, is to be with Mary, Our Blessed Mother, as she makes her journey of Faith. I can’t even imagine what her life was really like…knowing that pre-marital sex and worse unwed motherhood was extremely frowned upon. What were her fears, her joys, her dreams???  Did those first few weeks go by too quickly, was she able to wrap her mind around what was going on?

I would have loved to be near her as she spent time praying to Our Heavenly Father, seeking His guidance, asking for strength, and thanking Him for loving her enough to share His most precious Son with her.

I know from experience, the beauty and the happiness that can fill your every fiber when you think  of this little baby forming in your belly and the wonder it brings when you anticipate the future. I also know the fear that can over take you when you are facing an unexpected pregnancy, and the questions that are on your heart. The worst, I feel, is having to face all your friends and family and feeling as if you let them down.  But the best, is when you have this miracle in your arms and All Your family and friends gather around you, loving this beautiful angel with a love they didn’t even know was possible.

Holy Father, bless each women/young lady who is finding out right now that they are following in Mary’s, Our Blessed Mother’s, footsteps. Keep them calm, bring peace to their hearts, be their pillar as they face all those people that they love and let them know they have not failed YOU!  You have given them this gift of  life at this time, because You know their worth. This gift that they must wait to unwrap. Blessed be God forever.

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