Mary’s Lone Walk

Yesterday, I wrote about our walk in faith and how lonely that could be, and as I was writing my thoughts kept going to Our Blessed Mother.

How do you think she felt; carrying Our Savior?  Who was she going to tell besides Elizabeth that would believe her without a doubt? Do you think they would have laughed at her or pitied her or questioned her mental state?  Maybe they thought she was just a proud mother, we all believe that our baby’s are going to grow up and save the world.  How alone do you think she felt?  As a normal mother of many, I felt alone many times during my pregnancies, and I wasn’t carrying Our Savior.

All mother’s face the changes in their bodies and lives with uncertainty and sometimes you don’t want to share your fears or concerns with others because they might judge you. What many women don’t know is that most women have the same uncertainties, some to a greater degree than others. There is no shame in your thoughts, many of those thoughts have been put their by the devil in hopes of making you think that you are not capable of handling the responsibility that comes from such a Miracle. Never underestimate yourself, God doesn’t. He will give you only what you are capable of handling, believe that.

Our Blessed Mother, now about 6 weeks into her pregnancy, probably so happy and full of joy at the thought of this child. Her face all aglow with beauty of the miracle she was carrying. Can you imagine that?

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