Maybe–Little Prayers

How do we know when we are being tested?  Is it that we are facing miniature test each minute of our day and  then each of this tiny test leads us to larger test., so on & so on?

If this were the case then we should truly think & pray before we speak, act, see, or hear?  Do you believe this is the conversion that the Saints must have had to make? And if so, how long do you think it took them to change their mental attitude and become accustomed to totally thinking and praying before ever uttering a word or a work?  More important, how did they find the strength to do this every minute or did they?

Maybe, I am presuming that other people face this same dilemma.  Recently, I have been noticing how quick I am to respond to everything in my life. I don’t take time to really think things through much less pray about them. Maybe it is my idea of prayer but I think when you pray about something you should take a little time to properly pray and wait for a response, which in my case can be anywhere from a day to ….  Maybe what I need to do is rethink my idea of prayer.  Do you think if we start praying more frequently, the answers to our prayers would arrive faster?

In this day and age, with technology as it is, one can’t take the time to think about a response, to say an e-mail that arrived in the morning and was requesting a quick answer due to an upcoming meeting. This would require a quick read and write. In the past when faced with a letter that would require a “quick” response. “quick” meant at a “snails” pace.  Our days are filled with having to make quick and correct responses within a few minutes.  Many things may ride on our decisions and taking time to pray & really think things through may not be an option ( or may not seem to be).  Yet, in my current view, maybe  taken the time to pray and then respond is what I need to start doing even if it is not so convenient.

I imagine this will not be an easy change to apply to my life but when I look back and I see (and I do which is why I am writing about it) how many things in my life, I have tried to deal with quickly and which have taken me down a wrong path or which I can trace back to “if onlys’.  Would praying/thinking then acting be the best way to approach all things?  If you have already applied this principal to your life, please share how you made the changes and how long it took you and what differences you see in your life.

God, please help us to remember that You are always watching for us and that You have our best interest in mind. All we need to do is ask and you will provide. Help us t0 remember that You are always with us and that you know how quick we must respond to everything in our lives. You, grace us with Your presence and provide us with the Holy Spirit in order that we may allow You to lead our lives. Thank you Lord for the awesome blessings you spill into our lives.

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