Memory problems

Memory problems.

No, not with the computer but with my brain. Getting stressed and realizing that I may have more on my plate than I imagined. The weight of raising morally strong children, while also trying to educate them and help them fit into society….ughhh… first, I don’t agree with much of our current society…and it only seems to be getting worse…however humans do have to find a way to fit into their given society??Right??  Why else do we spend millions of dollars on weight loss, beauty, and energy products??  And all those children out there suffering from a form of Autism which we are desperately trying to find cures for… so that they are more accepted in society.

The constant back and forth of my own internal battle, seems to have taken a toll on my brain, well not to mention that each year I continue to get older, hhehe. I am not sure what is worse, fighting against myself or against society.  At lease if I fight society, I can feel out numbered.  Morality seems to be something that is going by the way side and I feel like I have to fight to keep it alive. I know there are many people out there with high moral value, but many get compromised by the small (or seemingly) issues. We need to find a way to stay strong in our moral faith. Standing in all that our Faith believes and not given in; it is hard to do especially when it seems we must compromise something small to keep something big, yet all those small compromises might, in the long run become greater than anyone big thing.

Jesus came to preach to sinners, to welcome sinners, to forgive sinners…and how are we supposed to be like not compromise?  Jesus didn’t compromise and somehow he was able to bring many to God.  Help us to be more like Jesus in all that we do.

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