Mission Statement

God’s Will Foundation

A For Profit Foundation

Mission Statement:
The mission of God’s Will Foundation is to allow God’s Will to prosper in the needs of His children by nurturing, assisting , encouraging, providing, and above all loving.

In this foundation, we will strive to achieve the Will of God. This is not easy, learning to listen, pray, and be still to allow the words of God to be heard is difficult but not impossible. Our guide in this endeavor will be the Holy Spirit and with His guidance, we will be able to assist in the lives of His children.

You may ask, what kind of assistance will we be providing, who will we be helping?

The answer to that question is still in the process of being related to me. What I am sure we will be doing is providing for medical, financial, emotional, and spiritual needs of many who are lost, scared, lonely, confused, and in need. I have been given a beginning  vision and only time will tell where and how this vision becomes a reality.

Our financial goal is to give 100% of any donations made to God’s Will to His children, at His

There are store fronts on this site that are free to approved vendors however they will be asked to make a donation of any size that they feel moved to give from $1 and on up. There is a donation button where anyone can make a donation (minding that there is no tax deduction; we are a for profit foundation). Anyone who donates will be assisting in the lives of God’s children.

To learn more about the founder of God’s Will Foundation, please read Alicia’s story.