National Infant Loss Awareness Day – October 15

October 15, is National Infant Loss Awareness Day– a day of celebration?!!!  YES!!!!!

Everything that the Father gives me will come to me,

 I will not reject anyone who comes to me.  

John 6:37

The pains in our hearts sometimes are more than we can take, the hole in hearts seems larger each day, the memories, the hopes, the love, the loss can’t be taken away nor should we want them to be.  Our children may only exist to us but today is the special day made to acknowledge them and us.  

I borrowed the above from a previous post, since I still feel the same:

 Let us Celebrate the Life of the Littlest Ones, and  Each Miracle Of Life!

The pain of loss, heartbroken hearts, and rivers of tears are what brought together the acknowledgment and the celebration of “National Infant Loss Awareness Day”. So many hearts suffer alone for years upon years, this day is set aside to bring to life the life you knew!

Find a day and time for celebrating near you. Don’t be afraid to grieve alongside others. You don’t even have to tell anyone why you are there, if you don’t want. And if you want and feel called to share then may God bless your words and actions that they may be a blessing to all those that hear you. May you move hearts and bring peace to those who are struggling with loss. Know that I am here for you, just send a comment or an email and I am here!!

Sweet heavenly Father may you embrace your children as they look for peace in the loss of their hearts. Each heart, will from now until they stand with you, have a piece missing and will be complete in Your time.

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