New Project

I am super excited and super scared!  I am about to embark on another project and I am very excited about it, but I have never done anything remotely close to it. Well, maybe remotely. I am beginning to take steps to put together a Healing Walk for Infant Loss. I just received the letter confirming the date for the venue, which means now I have to start getting all the other details into place. The date for the walk is Oct. 26, 2013 which doesn’t give me a whole lot of time. Volunteers Needed and Greatly Appreciated.  I must fight not to allow my fear to be a part of the walk, since I sincerely believe that it is being supervised by a higher power than myself.

The “vision” is to be able to offer a walk to a nearby cemetery, offer a mass, and then  have a “reception” maybe a speaker (position open, if interested) or two and time for any parents who would like to say any words about their child to be able to speak.

In the past, this walk was offered for parent(s) who had experienced a loss through miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, pre-mature birth, SIDS, however I thought it would be good to also include losses through abortions, or adoptions. I would love any comments  or opinions.

Oh, most beloved Mother, I surrender this event to your loving arms and trust you to guide me in all that is needed and for all who are in need. Assure me of the path God has set for me, may I serve with humility and obedience.

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