No!! Is Positive

My thought for the day….No is positive!!!

What is wrong with the word NO and why do people presume that NO is negative?  


One more way to get a hold of us—making us believe that every no is a reason to rebel.   God tells us NO for our good. He doesn’t withhold His love or His gifts, yet when we “hear” the word NO we automatically put on our defenses and begin to rebel.  Our rebel without of cause comes out full force….yet as I tell my children, rebel all you want against me & I will be sad but I will not have to live with consequences…you will.

It is in our NO’s that we grow.  If  we presume to know what is best for ourselves then we are not trusting God and it is we who will miss out. God has our best interest in mind, and yes the enemy knows this but  satan will make us doubt it. When we allow doubt to touch our hearts & souls then that is an open door to fall prey to the enemy.

Society has put this idea in full motion. I have seen this first hand.  

Ok, so I decided to attend a parenting class… why after all these years??  Well I have a beautifully challenging little angel, who is by all accounts a strong willed child.  She has had issues which have made her an exception to the normal house rules.  Now, it is time to get back on track…and that is not easy.

On my last meeting, the discussion turned to parents being more positive by avoiding the NO word.  Finding other ways of saying No, but not using the word No.  I have been thinking about it over this past week and trying the new concept. While it has it’s good points and understanding that all children need to be treated positively and encouraged, yet Yes is not always positive, at least not in my way of thinking.

I remember when I was little being told NO many times and I never felt that I was being mistreated. When the No was applied it was because it was not the right thing, time, activity or what have you; or maybe it was but maybe I had earned a great big NO. Maybe I had not done my chores, my school work…basically not shown responsibility, respect, or obedience.  NO was not necessarily bad.  It was more of a reminder of the boundaries which were set, the expectations, setting the bar….were this things within my ability to do, YES.  Did I have to be tricked into believing that I was getting my way to do what was right and within my ability, NO.

We are now, trying to trick our children into believing they have control by not using the word No.  It sounds deceptive to me.  Parents need to be able to apply the word NO and have children understand that it is in their best interest, that the parents care enough, love them enough, want the very best for them without the deception.  We are children of God, and He tells us NO and if our trust is in the Lord, we know that He will take care of us, that He Loves us without limit and that He will provide us with the very best..for we are the children of the one true King.  Shouldn’t our children feel that way about their parents…we are to be an image of Christ.  

Lord, guides us in our NO’s.  We believe and trust you, for your best is more magnificent than any of our human dreams. Your attention to the details of our lives are beyond amazing. You are our Father and our King. 


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