No Babies!!

No babies!!
Could you imagine a future without babies, no babies at all? Personally, I would be so lost and empty without my children, that to think of a world without the sound of children would fill my heart with a terrible sadness.
Yesterday, I was listening to a vintage episode of Mother Angelica (EWTN) and she made a comment that has stuck in my mind and I just can’t shake it. She said “there will come a time when no more babies will be born and we don’t know when that will be…”
As I thought about it, I played those words over and over in my head and each time saying “No,that is impossible, God so loves the little children, He would never take them away, would He?”.  An answer came to me and it was eye-opening; Yes, God so loves the children but we don’t. How many children have we killed? I don’t have the exact figures but it is in the millions. Millions of babies have lost their lives through abortions and contraceptives, why would He continue to bless us with these innocent lives when we don’t even want them? Yes, I can understand why He would take from us one of lives most precious gifts. Most moms would agree that their children are gifts from God, no matter the amount of pain that is associated with parenting. I’m sure that I am not the first person to have these visions, ask these questions or come to these realizations; but sometimes you have to be ready and willing to listen and accept  the truth.

I think of the many women, couples, facing infertility and I can see how this can become a reality and I wonder if there is time to change this prediction. Can we begin to welcome each child that God sends to us? Will those women who are facing the decisions to abort or contracept consider other options? Adoption or natural family planning are some alternatives. What else can we do to let God know we are sorry for the pain we have caused Him?

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