Novena–St. Paul, The Apostle of Love, Day 7

Special request: Prayer for freedom in the midst of an unjust oppressive world.


St Paul in your heavenly glory you are completely free. Chains can never bind you. Pray, however, for our freedom. First of all pray that we be delivered from the slavery of sin and vice. Next we ask you to intercede for so that we might obtain the freedom that comes from faith, hope, charity, courage, prudence, temperance and a knowledge of justice. Finally, give us a prayer life that embraces the entire world and goes beyond our own immediate needs. Unite our prayers with yours, as together, we plead for an enslaved and struggling humanity. St. Paul, remember those who are forced into literal slave labor of one form or another. Pray with us for those who are sexually exploited and abused and moved like commodities around the nation and the world to fulfill the evil desires of men. Paul you labored with your hands so as not to be a burden to anyone, but remember in your prayers those individuals working long hours in unsafe factories, sweatshops and mines around the world just to survive. Pray, St. Paul that the migrant workers be treated fairly and with respect as they move from place to place to support their families. May we pray for those unjustly imprisoned, victims of war, crime, civil strife and racism. St. Paul, pray with us for victims of famine, pestilence, floods, fires and other natural disasters. In a special way St. Paul remember all the parents of this world who are at this moment are watching their children die of illness and starvation. We know that Jesus our Divine Master hears the cry of the poor and the desperate prayers coming from billions of people around the world. In love we want to offer our prayers along with yours, St. Paul, to the Savior who sets us free. In doing this we are confident that the Father and Son together will send the Holy Spirit into our lives to meet the challenges that we face which are important to us but in the greater scheme of things are relatively minor. Amen.

Our Father
Hail Mary
Glory Be


The Letter to Philemon is a short but moving piece. Paul while in prison meets a runaway slave who has converted to the faith. Although he is serving Paul in critical ways, Paul sends him back to his master Philemon recommending he be treated as a brother in Christ.

St. Paul’s Prayers and Thoughts:

Philemon 1:3 I always give thanks to God when I mention you in my prayers, for I hear the faith and love you have for the Lord Jesus in all the Saints, and I pray that the fellowship in the faith may serve to lead you to a deeper understanding of all the good that we have in Christ. Your love has been a great joy and comfort to me because the hearts of the saints have been refreshed through you, my brother.

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