Novena to St. Paul the Apostle of Love

As I was contemplating the upcoming Pentecost celebration; as I have shared with you before,  has been placed on my heart to keep watch over this day by committing to a public Pentecost Novena, a thought hit me to do a novena to St. Paul.  Now, I am not at all familiar with St. Paul. So as I began the research to (which has only been one day) the first thing that hit me was his title “The Apostle of Love”.  WOW!!  I was totally amazed, awe-stricken and one again grateful to Our Father, my father for knowing me and knowing my needs and wants.  Learning to love one another is one of the hardest things we have to do.  Lately, many things have been placed on my heart regarding LOVE and GOD’S LOVE, I won’t lie they have left me in a daze, utterly confused, but most of all sadden, my thoughts on this I will share later.

I am grateful also to

Special request: An increase of faith and our urgent human needs.


St. Paul from your place in heaven we ask you continually to pray for us in the manner you prayed for the Romans. May our faith and love of the Gospel bring light into our families, parishes, community and the entire world. May our witness even be a cause for increasing the joy of the angels and saints who surround you. We, however, are surrounded by unbelievers and are assailed on every side. May you come to us with some spiritual gift in order to strengthen us. May we on earth encourage one another in the faith. May we be strong even though we feel so weak and inadequate. So often we know the right thing to do but find ourselves doing just the opposite (Rom 7:20) yet you assure us that ultimately nothing can separate us from Christ (Rom 8:35). When you were in this world you sought to address the human as well as the spiritual needs of people. You aided the poor of Jerusalem in powerful and practical ways knowing the physical aid you brought them would make it easier for them to have faith and trust in the God of love. With confidence we ask you to help us with our urgent natural obligations and our needs of food, shelter, clothing and health. More then that, however, we ask you to draw us closer to Jesus, crucified and risen who is the way, truth and life for the world. In this way, we will be filled with peace, joy and that hope that comes from God, which the world can never understand or destroy. Amen.

Our Father

Hail Mary

Glory Be


St. Paul knew people in Rome and he mentions them in his Letter to the Romans. At the time of the writing of this epistle, he had not yet visited the city. This Letter was an introduction to people who had heard of Paul but by and large had not met him personally. He used this inspired letter to explain his faith and to strengthen the belief of the Christians in Rome. Reading this Letter can also make us wiser today then we were yesterday and wiser still tomorrow.

St. Paul’s Prayers and Thoughts:

Romans 1:8-11 “First of all, I give thanks to my God through Jesus Christ for all of you, because of your faith that is being proclaimed throughout the world. God is my witness – Whom I serve with my spirit by proclaiming the good news of his Son – that I continually mention you in my prayers and ask that somehow by God’s will I’ll finally manage to come to you and to share with you some spiritual gift in order to strengthen you, that is so we may be mutually encouraged by one another’s faith, both yours and mine.”

Romans: 15:13 “May God, the source of hope, fill you with all joy and peace through your belief in Him, so that you will overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

Romans 15:30-33 “I beg you, my brothers, by our Lord Jesus Christ and the love of the Spirit, to join me in my struggle so that I may be delivered from unbelievers … and that my service in Jerusalem will be acceptable to the saints so that God willing, I’ll come to you full of joy and find rest with you. May God who gives peace be with you all. Amen.”



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