Nudge: defined by   Merriam-Webster   1. (v)   To touch or push (someone or something) gently.    2. to push (someone) gently with your elbow in to get that person’s attention.  3. to encourage (someone) to do something.

As I was spacing out at some point today, the word nudge popped into my head. Then came a small but significant realization; God is the greatest, most patient, micro nudger ever.

Thoughts of many people ran through my mind and how most people change as they grow older and more experienced.  We all know God has a plan for us, yet we see the many steps which we have taken in the “wrong” direction. Maybe we feel if we had not “wasted” so much time, we would have arrived at our appointed destination sooner.

I can see, now, how God has been nudging me along all my life. As I see the miniature changes in choices I have made, just detours that have taken me onto the correct path. If we don’t allow God to move us with gentle nudges, He may take more aggressive tactics. In the end  the result will be the same, God’s Path.

When Joseph’s brothers’ used  anger, violence,& lies, to get him to Egypt, Joseph was unaware what his fate would be. Yet, in the end, Joseph was right where he should be in order to save his family.

“It was not you”, said Joseph to his brothers, “who sent me here, but

God. . . You meant evil against me; but God meant it for good, to bring it about

that many people should be kept alive.”

Nudges, detours, and outright destruction can force us onto the road we should be taking. In the end, control is not in our hands and we should not see our mistakes or detours as taking us away from where we should be but rather way to gain our experience.

Bless us, oh God, our paths have been pre-destined by Your hands, but our journey is constantly changing with the many detours we take. Thank you for Your patient nudges and Your amazing Love.


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