October 15-Infant Loss Awareness Day

National Infant Loss Awareness Day

Today, October 15, is the official day to  Celebrate Infant Loss Awareness, set aside by President Ronald Reagan. On October 25, 1988, President Reagan signed the proclamation allowing the month of October to recognize infant loss . With the proclamation encouraging us to promote the awareness loss of infants and to acknowledge the pain of bereaved parents, we have the authority and responsibility to  bring to light to this silent and lonely experience. For more information, you can log onto http://www.october15.com/.

One month out of the year to acknowledge the pain of soo many hearts. Yet, because soo many have suffered, we have been given one month to make a difference, to help others understand. Most importantly, to help those who have suffered.

Can we ever help others who have not “experienced” the pain to understand? Empathy, as beautiful as it is, cannot bring to life the pain. The pain that the parent alone can barely understand.

Death is usually associated with a person who has “lived” a life that most people can acknowledge. Death is rarely associated with an infant whose total life span is only 7 weeks from conception. Many would not even consider that a “life” worth celebrating or acknowledging.  Yet, for those who know, love, anticipate the birth, have dreams & plans, for this child; seven weeks can be an amazing journey of life. Until it comes crashing down.

The hope that arises as each life is given to us, can never be measured by others ideals.  When that life comes to an abrupt end, it can be devastating. Life even lived for 7 weeks, 14 weeks, 28, weeks, 32 weeks+ before birth or hours, days, weeks, months or years after birth cannot be denied as life.

Lord, we thank you for  the precious tiny lives who have touched us. In their short lives they have accomplished so much; because of them we have changed–for the better. We understand the value of each life. We want to give of ourselves; be there for others to help them grieve. Because they touched our lives, we want to touch others. May we follow you in loving our neighbors. Blessed be God.


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