Of Loving Jesus Above All Things

Love of creatures is deceiving and constantly changing, but the love of Jesus is true and permanent. If you hold on to creatures, you will fall with them; if you hold on to Jesus, you will remain firmly planted forever.

Truthfully, I don’t know how we can not “love creatures”. Yes, I understand the loving other creatures will lead us into temptation but aren’t we simple humans. Aren’t we supposed to love our neighbor, our spouse, and our children?

I get the whole idea of “not loving creatures” however, I don’t think we are strong enough. Strong enough not to care what everyone else thinks. We may be able to let go of a lot what other people’s notions may be, but some of it sticks with us. Like it or not sometimes are thoughts are affected by those notions.

Share with us, how have you gotten away from putting “creatures” first? I would love to know how best to detach myself from this life and prepare for the next.

Lord, all mighty, help me to understand the conflicts of this earth. How do we detach ourselves from all that is around us. Show us how to live for YOU alone.


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