Of the Love God Shows You In This Sacrament

Trusting in Your great goodness and mercy, Lord, I come as one sick to the Physician, as one thirsty to the Fountain of Life, as one in need to the King of heaven; I come as a servant to my Master, as a creature to my Creator, as a dejected soul to my loving Comforter.

How many times have I felt so unworthy of our Lord’s graces?  I am but a wretched soul.  How many blessing has He bestowed upon me without even my smallest gratitude? How many times have I taken for granted all that  I have without even acknowledging His hand in it?

Human, as we are, many times we only reach out in our pain but rarely in our joy. Because of this, I feel unworthy. Yet, in His goodness, He sees greater things in me, and is constantly forgiving me …even when I feel I don’t deserve it.  His love is never ending, His compassion is unparalleled. We will never understand His ability to forgive and give.

May I be made worthy of the love of God. May I allow the Holy Spirit to change me in all things to His will. My I devote my life to His plans. May I allow His blessed Mother to show me the way to His heart.

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