Of The Necessity Of Communion

O sweetest, Lord Jesus, how happy is the devout man who feasts at Your banquet, at which there is no other food but Yourself, his only Lover, most desired of all that his heart can desire!

How I long to be at the point where I can not go a day without  receiving Jesus.

In my religious classes of my youth, not much was said about the beauty of receiving communion. How sad my teachers must have been for they too, didn’t know what a wonderful gift they were receiving.  It is in not knowing that we are taken away, without a fight, from the most magnificent peace our Catholic faith has to offer.

As I sit here, thinking about the religious aspect of my life, I can’t recall having anyone in my life show a passionate commitment to communion. I did say–recall. There may have been, but I either did not notice or didn’t understand.

I believe this consecration to Our Lady will help me change my way of thinking of Christ’s body & blood. She, being the mother of He who shed every ounce of blood for my sins would naturally want me to become a more worthy receiver.

Lord, Jesus Christ you sacrifice so much for us, unworthy humans, change us. You gave us Your everything including Your body & blood, may we not forget what a wonderful gift it has been.

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