Off the path

I was reading something today, that took my thoughts off a beaten path. The article written by a home schooling mom, was talking about hearing a celebrity talking, with a sense of loss, about her children and marriage. The celebrity started by making a statement that went something like this, ” remember, life is not a dress rehearsal. You only get one chance at raising your kids. Don’t mess it up.” Then the celeb continued with a little more in-depth conversation about her life.

Here is where my mind trailed off to…thinking about infant loss…what if we are allowed to lose our babies in order that we might appreciate them even more?

Society’s value for children has much diminished, at lease from my point of view, it encourages “planning” our children as if they were pieces of furniture. Maybe, that is a bit harsher than I want to sound but the right metaphor eludes me. My point however, is that we are wanting to pick and choose our ideal life, at the ideal time, with the ideal person, etc..and realistically, in doing that, we are taking God for granted…in which, don’t you think , maybe we are not allowing God to bless us as He would like to… God knows us before even our parents, He has great plans for us and we have forgotten what and why He has given us rules and how to trust in Him.

What are your thoughts on this…

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