Ok with the bombardment already.

Hmm! We go on a 3 week vacation, come back semi-conscience yet we go on a weekend out and come back comatose.  How does that happen?

Trying to get myself back in gear from the past weekend has taken way longer than expected. Granted, our weekend was accompanied by changes in the weather and that may have had something to do with it all. The children have been fighting some bug and now, I  am too.

I am constantly amazed at the bombardment that we take on each day. How much control do we really have?  I struggle with this each day and more on the days I look back and feel as if I have wasted my time. That happens more often than I would like…yet what is a waste of time?

I know I have gone down this road before and yet it seems to be the object of “my” blog.  Am I supposed to “preach” on the constant bombardment on our time, mind, body, and the like?  If so I am so unqualified, and yes we have established that as well.  I am so unsure of what I am supposed to do here and now.  Have you had enough of the bombardment?  I, for sure, have.

As, I continue on the journey which I have set out on, I ask myself what is it that I am supposed to be accomplishing? Or am I supposed to make fluff talk and continue on until either no one comes to this site or I run out of money.  I foresee many different arenas that I must face yet the bombardment of my time, money, health, family life, spirituality, and mental well being is taking a toll.

It is true that the devil will take any form it needs to to divert us from our spiritual goals. Many times we are taken off our path by those we trust the most, and those we suspect least.  Even our own Priests or religious guides can lead us astray. Not that they mean to, at least, it’s my belief yet in their desire help us find balance in our lives, they can guide us into temptation.  When we come to our priest or religious for guidance and they allows us the ability to be human and to send us back out feeling like it is ok to postpone our Godly duties for our human duties, they may be giving us a license to sin . Taking it easy will only leads us down the wrong road.  It is in our desire to have an easy life that we have gone down a very sinful road.  One which I ask, how can we ever get things back? How can God bless us, with this mess we have made?

God, only You alone know the path to our salvation. What is that we must do to bring you the Honor and Glory you deserve? Help us to see Your plan for us, help us to implement Your plans. Lest we sit back and allow our desire for ease to overtake our desire for purification. Purify our souls, Lord that we should be made worthy of Your  Love.

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