Open to The Holy Spirit

Hey all,

Guess what?!! Last two weeks have been amiss.  You have been fair warned, that I am not at all technologically savvy.  It seems there is a problem with the “broadband” not sure what that means?? Any help or advice, welcomed. Therefore, I may be off more than usually until the problem is solved. I worry, not, since I have a great web designer that is currently working on the problem.  The way I see it, you’ll “hear” from me–On God’s Time.

It has been a crazy few weeks, I was aching to write and felt like I had so much to say, then when all was fixed, I found myself without time to write–ironic & weird. Today, I sit here trying to remember all those things I felt so hot to write but those thoughts have left me and must just have been for me. I know that my writing is for others, otherwise it would be a simple journal for my eyes only. Yet, there are times when my writing opens even my own eyes, and that is when we know that our writing is not our own.

I pray for all that read this to find it in their heart a way to welcome the Holy Spirit into their very being. Opening ourselves to the Holy Spirit is a most awesome experience and God is not stingy when it comes to allowing the Holy Spirit to over take you, all are welcome and many do share in the light of His love.

The idea of the Holy Spirit, to me is a new one, I was never acquainted with idea of the Holy Spirit or what it even meant. Yes, agreed, it is a hard thing to describe or define. I am not sure but I believe that each encounter is special and meant only for that individual. SO as much as I would love to share (and I will) my experiences they may be far from what you may experience. One thing I am positive of…is that it will be SENSATIONAL AND SCARY.  Fear not, for being one with the Holy Spirit will only bring you great joy.

May the amazing gift of the Holy Spirit ascending upon the many who find themselves empty and lost. Sweet heavenly Father, your gift to us–the Holy Spirit– brings such joy, love, and peace. May all who experience Your Hands allow you to over-take them.


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