Out of Control

As you know, I have not been at my best.  Taking some time to get back on track after spending an evening in the hospital with no true results.  I can’t lie, even though finding out that I have a good ticker has it’s advantages, it didn’t give me any answers. Therefore, I am a bit hesitant and looking to “clean” up my act, sort of speak.  I know that there are things that bring on some stress and that I can take better control of  it and taking some responsibility for allowing things to get “out of control”

Clarifying “out of control” truly means out of my control. However, the struggle to maintain control is where the problem begins…I mean we all know, we have been told, and we have ignored…that control should not be in our hands but in God’s hands.

If we could master this, our stress would be very small, if not nonexistent.  Then our biggest problem would be figuring out what would we do with all that time we would have on our hands.

I am struggling daily with relenting my control but I seem to fail several times a day. Does one have to become a monk in the Himalayas in order to achieve the art of releasing our personal wants and desires?

Most Holy Father help us surrender our desire for control unto You. To trust you with all our beings, knowing that You have our best interest in mind.

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