Parenting…at stake?

Political correctness–I abhor it!!!

Yet, I’ve come to find out that I must have been pre-wired with it (political correctness). I have a tendency not to just tell it like it is. I allow myself to be to empathatic–realizing that every issue has a good and a bad, giving to much credit, or just plain simply being the “nice guy”. Therefore, I will be as frank, as my conscience will allow me to be.

I read a story today that just made me want to “totally gag” (forgive the 80’s,) for lack of a better phrase. It left me feeling totally physically & spiritually nauseated. The story–an 18 year old girl suing her parents after she leaves her (parents) home because she no longer wants to deal with curfews & rules, mind you the girl is a senior in high school. She moves in with a friend’s family & the dad happens to be a lawyer…btw the lawyer who talked her into suing. The girl is suing her parents to force them to continue to pay for her Catholic High School education, as well as living expenses (at the friends house), transportations expenses and ya, next years college tuition.  Here is the kicker, the girls parents would love to give her these things–why then are they not?  Oh, because she left home, against their will, she refused to do the chores or follow curfew and decided living at a friend’s house (where, I assume, she has more freedom & someone who will encourage her misbehavior & all he wants is a piece of the suing pie ($$$)).

FYI, I will not place a link on this site that encourages nonsensical ideas and I would ask you to do the same.  When we pass along what we feel is of interest to others, such as this story, we are actually fueling the insanity. Yeah, I know this is interesting and good to know, while at the same time being scandalous. People like scandals, as much as gossip. Yet what is happening with all the “scandals” we send each other through e-mail, Facebook, twitter, and even blogs only helps to excite others to do the same.  We know well the desire to have your “15 minutes of fame” & what some will do to get it.

Too many thrill seekers only think about the here and now. The 18 year old girl has no idea what her lawsuit will cost her in the long run. Right now all she cares about is being able to stay out past 11 p.m., be with her boyfriend, party (I assume) to all hours, and at the same time not have a care in the world. She has no clue, that life is not that way. She will face responsibilities sooner or later, she will make mistakes that will haunt her…such as suing her parents…she may not have any desire to be with her parents now, yet one day…she might long for the parents she “kicked to the curb”.  Those of us who have lived, know how wrong her actions are and the imminent pain it will bring.  The best thing for her, is if she loses the lawsuit otherwise her road, along with so many others that want the same thing (& maybe worse)  will follow. The total destruction of parenthood & possibly family will be at stake.

You may think that I am overstating the facts, however, take a step back in time and think “Kramer Vs Kramer” and strange enough shortly after the release of the movie, there was a increase in divorces which unfortunately hasn’t gone back down.  Think, what would you be feeling if you were the parents of the 18 year old girl. And what if you had only been doing what was best for her? Trying to bring her up with good morale character, provide for her needs, and teach her right from wrong while working hard to provide her with opportunities you didn’t have & what if she was not your only daughter & you still had to raise your other children…how would that change you & your desires as a parent.

Heavenly Father,  we surrender to you all the parents and their desires to be the  best parents to their children. May we remember, they are not our children to keep but yours. Our children are being hit hard with many temptations and we must strengthen our souls as we do our bodies. Protect our children, Lord



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