Peace in the morning

To continue with my crazy emotions….the struggle continues….kinda….yesterday was about the same but this morning after continuing to struggle with bad vs good and what do I do’s  etc… I woke up this morning with some clarity and peace.

I Love waking up with peace in my heart.!!! When peace is in my heart I feel that I can defeat the evil one, temptations can’t control me…or at least that is what I think…obviously I am not by myself when peace is in my heart, God , Jesus, The Holy Spirit and Our Blessed Mother are in control.

I wish we can all wake up, everyday with peace in our hearts. With peace, I feel as if I can easily compliment my enemies, give them credit for what they are doing right and not what they have done that has caused pain. After all, we all are human and in our humaness, we hurt each other.  I am not above admitting that, I too, have hurt others with my off the cuff words or ill-thought actions. How many people have gone through a roller coaster of emotions because of what I did or said.  For those I have hurt, please accept my apologies.

Please, Heavenly Father, bring peace to all people.  May they feel the assurance of your love, knowing that You have forgiven them. Help us to forgive each other with the ease You forgive us. Let us not hold onto what is wrong in this world but strive for what is right.

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