God is truly amazing. When we walk with Him, we truly never walk alone. The warmth and peace that has touched my heart, can never be explained or may I better say I can’t explain it with accurate enough words.

What I do believe is if anyone were to feel the peace they would never want to abandon it. They would fight for any chance to be in that peace as much as possible.

Sometimes I feel as if I am walking this crazy path, where people will eventually call the mental ward and make me a permanent reservation. Yet, I know that even the thought of walking away from the beauty, even if it isn’t a constant feeling, is more than unbearable.  I’ll take my chances with the psyche ward.

I pray that everyone would leave themselves open to welcoming the peace into their heart. I know so many people already do. However, I hope they don’t keep it a secret.May they be willing to share their walk with others and may the people who feel the peace grow into the trillions, til there is not one person left without the beauty of this experience.

God, please find us all and bring us home.

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