Pentecost Is Soon Approaching

IMG_4173 Pentecost is soon approaching. The beauty of this special occasion had for most of my life eluded me, when one is not given the presence of mind one can surely miss what’s most important.

The beauty of Pentecost came to me in a dreamy vision or at least I like to think of it that way.  As I think back on my Pentecostal journey, it is hard to imagine that three years ago I began this journey with a heart full of trepidation, yet this year I am looking forward to it as a child looks forward to a party.

One of my  main fears, as there were many, was bringing a novena- A Catholic Prayer- to a public place. I am sure you can imagine, especially without any religious backing.  I do have to admit, God sent me an angel, by sending me a supportive friend who happens to be a nun and she did come pray with me and my family that first year.  Another fear, was talking to my husband (a Baptist) about doing this, and I have been very blessed by the fact that not only did he support me in the “do what you have to way” but he actually came with us, kneeled and prayed; he has even lead it. What amazing gifts in these two instances alone.  I will never know the abundance of gifts which the Holy Spirit has bestowed upon me. My life is surely blessed in so many ways, even in the hard times, the Love of the Lord is present.

This year, it is my desire to have as many people as God will allow me to touch to begin their Pentecostal journey.  I ache for people to feel the Holy Spirit, to not fear the Holy Spirit, to be open to the Holy Spirit, to welcome the Holy Spirit and know the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

I began this journey here:  Today, I still can’t believe the Holy Spirit finds me worthy to guide, nor can I accept that HE has allowed me so many beautiful gifts, memories, and most of all trusted me with bringing the idea of the Holy Spirit, Pentecost, Jesus, Mary, and God to those of you who are reading my journey.

Most Holy Spirit during the most beautiful time of Pentecost, may You touch the hearts and souls of  all who willingly come to You. Please continue to seek those who don’t know You, may the beauty of Your light come to all faithful and warm the hearts of the doubtful.  Amen

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